~ White Lotus Seed Healing Center~    Dr. Kasmira A. McCann, DD, MSN, NP-BC


          ~Private Sessions~

We specialize in 'Integrative  with

Spiritual Development Counseling'

The White Lotus Seed Center

A Personal Session: 

 we have a Medical Model of Care that focuses on the Individual as the Core to their Healing.

Learn: Meditation, Nutrition, Blissful Sleep, Movement, Spiritual Development, Ancient Teachings,

Herbology as well as Creative Natural Balances. 

In the light of all, Great Healing & Personal Evolution comes when each  individual finds harmony in their unique wholeness &  balance.  Each person holds a sacred Mandala within  them.  It is within this personal Mandala that creates health, joy, spiritual oneness as well as unlimited potentials.  

When the Mandala is shaken and imbalanced,  Dis-ease, Illness, Sadness, Depression, and

Possibly overall Despair will appear.  Reconstruction of one's Sacred Mandala, brings healing, restored harmony and the power of individual Empowerment. 

Here at The White Lotus Seed Center, we are here to assist each individual to identify the true imbalances and reverse it not from the symptoms, but  from the core of the imbalance.  We explore Eight-Core foundationary elements and make gentle shifts to restore the balances.  Personal healing plans are created within the White Lotus Mandala. 

Once balance is restored, Great Healing and Miracles appear. Everyone has the Power to Create the World they Wish to live. 

The White Lotus Seed Center's Sessions are unique to our Center.  They were created to empower each individual as you create your own White Lotus Mandala.  This knowledge you gain creates balance and in-depth understand of how Nature and you interconnect. Thus, bringing each person closer to their own unique state of Awakening.

Some of the Modalities that are used, in combination with the White Lotus Seed Mandala are:

  • Ancient Shamanic Energy Healings
  • Slav Divination from the Spiritual Elders
  • Peacekeeper, Dream-weaving, 
  • Ancient Tibetan Meditation 
  • Nutrition as well as Detoxification/Rejuvenation 
  • Herbology ~ Natural Medicines
  • Sleep/Rest within the Human’s Biorhythm
  • Earth Medicine 
  • White Lotus Hot Basalt Rock therapy
  • Usui White Light Reiki [Reiki Master] 
  • Karuna Reiki® 
  • Angelic White Light Reiki 
  • Drumming Reiki 
  • Certified IGM® Acupressurist 
  • Spiritual Counseling: [Doctorates in Spiritual Healing & Doctorates Divinity] 
  • Soul Retrievals
  • Shamanic Extraction healing
  • Past Life Remembrance
  • Shamanic Mediumship
  • Power Animal Retrieval as well as Compassionate Spirit Guide Retrieval
  • Limpia Cleansing
  • DNA Releasing
  • Sound Therapy
  • Aroma Therapy

Sample of a Personal Session:

 Your first appointment will last up to 1.5 hours.  It’s a time to talk and work together on what you want to achieve.  The focus is on Balancing any Imbalances using the Ancient Knowledge of Nature.  Any teachings will  focus on opening your own potentials for rest, relaxation and healing.  Instructions for taking care of yourself will be given to you before you leave.

With each appointment you will be creating, learning and expanding on your own White Lotus Healing Mandala.   The foundation to creating overall balance and ultimate Contentment. 

Your second visit, a week or two later, will include a review of your healing goals and teachings to help you grow and evolve in the physical well-being, Consciously as well as Spiritually.

Subsequent, visits will be scheduled as to meet your needs and highest potential. 

Creating balance within one's life brings a Natural balance to health of the physicality as well as the cognitive mind.   A true combination of Nature's healings are given.  Each specific to each individual.