Our Philosophy at The White Lotus Seed Healing  Center: 

Blending the Eastern with the Western philosophies and the New with the Old....  

Our philosophy at The White Lotus Seed is to assist all those ready to evolve and/or heal their true Physicalities, Cognitive Consciousness' into their true Spiritual Beings.   We offer many levels to meet the needs of those searching.   From those beginning their journeys to those that have taken many foundationary classes but are ready to study deeper knowledge & mysticism.    For those searching for physical healings. To those seeking peace within their Minds.  

We are here to give those searching, the tools and ancient knowledge they need to become empowered and evolve.

About Dr. Kasmira McCann:

​Dr. Kasmira Ann McCann has her Doctorates in Spiritual Development as well as a Board Certified and Licensed Nurse Practitioner with a background in Life-long studies & initiate in Shamanism.  
Dr. McCann guides her students to uncover & explore their own Spiritual selves as they expand and evolve into self Awareness, Awakening and continue their Journeys towards their own Enlightenment. 

​Dr. Kasmira McCann  is a Descendant of both Slav & Saami Indigenous Lineage.  Her lineage is one of Healers, Mystics, Herbalists, and Teachers of the Ancient Oral Teachings from a Slavic & Saami Lineage that dates back more than 70,000 years.   Her form of teaching brings together Oral knowledge past down through the centuries through Storytelling with the hidden meaning within the The White Lotus Mandala TM / Medicine Wheel.  

Dr. McCann lives with her husband and their fur-baby, Luna. They have three children and six grandchildren.  
Dr. McCann has extensive education, degrees, certifications and training throughout the years in addition to her family's indigenous lineage.   [More in-depth description of her earlier shamanic training can be found on:                    ]

With over 60 years experience, she has also studied/Licensed/Board Certified for decades both  Eastern/Western Medicine as well as achieving a Doctorates in Divinity & Spiritual Counseling, Shamanism, Master Herbalist, Nutrition, Acupressure, Reiki Master as well as Energy Healing in the modern world.  

She brings together the knowledge of the Ancients with the Teachings of the New World:

Dr. McCann's Educational Background: 

  • Associates & Bachelors in Nursing
  • Masters in Science [Nursing]
  • Masters in Herbology - M.H.
  • ​Doctorates in Divinity - D.D.
  • Doctorates in Spiritual Counseling - D.S.H.
  • Phd level education in Naturopathic Medicine
  • Doctoral Candidate in Ayurvedic Medicine 

She has also attained:

  • Ordained Interfaith Minister
  • IGM Acupressurist with the highest level of 'Initiative of Acupressure'
  • Board Certified Nurse Practitioner -  BC-CPNP
  • Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse - APN-BC
  • Registered Nurse - RN
  • Member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association
  • Member of the Foundation for Shamanic Practitioners 
  • Society of Shamanic Practitioners  
  • Dr. McCann graduated with honors from Bloomfield College and from Seton Hall 
  • She was inducted into the International Honor Society for Nursing.  
  • As well as receiving the National Florence Nightingale Award. 

  • 3-Year Advanced Shamanism - Foundation for Shamanic Studies.
  • 2-Year Celtic Shamanism - Tom Cowan
  • Intensive Shamanism - Foundation for Shamanic Studies
  • Shamanism & Cancer - Myran Eshowsky
  • Soul Retrieval - Sandra Ingerman
  • Weather Shamanism - Nan Moss & David Corbin
  • Urban Peacemaking Shamanism - Myran Eshowsky
  • Spirits of Earth Shamanism - Nan Moss & David Corbin
  • Shamanism Healing - Elaine Egidio 
  • Native American: Spirit Mother Shamanism - Carol Proudfoot-Edgar
  • Egyptian Shamanism - Adam Kane
  • Shamanic Drumming Reiki - Michael Baird
  • Japanese Shamanism / White Light Reiki Levels I, II, Advanced, Masters
  • Karuna Reiki Levels I, II, Masters I & Masters II - Laurelle Shanti Gaia
  • Angelic Lightworkers Reiki - Walter Lubeck
  • Teaching Reiki to Children - Barbara McKell
  • Ancient Tibetan Buddhist Thangka - Carmen Mensink
  • And continues her studies at the KTC Buddhist Monastery      

With over 27 years experience in both Western & Natural Health Medicine, she has the insight to understand the Allopathic Theory of Medicine including Nutritional counseling.

If you would like an Appointment with  Dr. McCann
Please call for appointments, class schedules, and all ministry needs.        


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