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ancient SHAMANISM: From its Roots

As a child, the Elders determined Kasmira exhibited the traits of being born as a shamaness.  The elders immediately began her training & shared Oral Knowledge.,  Her ancient knowledge of healings and teachings also came from the rare frequency DNA that has been carried throughout her family Lineage.    She was taught throughout decades by the Elders of her Lineage.   After, which, she went through many initiations and tests, including a most horrific near-death event.   It was only after many decades that the Elders, in ceremony, bequeathed upon her the humbling 'calling of Shamaness'.   Although she doesn't call herself, Shamaness, it is one that her students & clients have continued in the Elder's tradition. ​​

Shamanism is the very core of being and understanding Life.   We are all a part of the puzzle of Life.  Shamanism is the key that unlocks the mysteries of Life from its core.  It is mentioned in Sacred Texts and Religious teachings since the beginning of time.   Yet, Shamanism isn't a Religion.    

The Core frequencies of Life are the building blocks of the Sacred Geometry, which all Life was Created.   The Spiritual Consciousness from where we were all born.    When a single tone, a single glimmer, a single Point of Light begins & ends.     Life, as complicated as it seems, is actually the interpretation and delivery of Frequencies.  Frequencies are the seed or point of light's consciousness where all of Life begins to communicate and interact with its environment.  Whether its from the Universal Stars or from the tiniest of Molecules,  it is the interconnection of this Yin & Yang of Frequencies.

Approximately, 70,000 years ago, a huge planetary event occurred.   It is believed that the oldest of Lineages were affected by this great frequency shift.    In these oldest of lineages/cultures,  some of the human's DNA changed as well.  Although very rare,  individuals with this frequency Gene are still born within these Lineages.  They are born as Shamaness' or Shamans as named in the Saami, Slav, Tuva and Mongolian Lineages.  Other cultures have their own languages to describe someone with this Frequency DNA.

Studies are now being revealed through research done at Berkeley University in California as well as other institutions that are proving that this Frequency DNA gene has existed and they are beginning to be able to identify it in rare individuals of more ancient lineages.   Anthropologist & Archeologist have also found physical evidence to the 70,000 shift and artifacts to the Slav Shamanic Lineage. 

Who is a Shamaness/Shaman?   

Shamaness/Shaman is a person that is born as a Shaman.  These individuals are actually born with a rare gene within their DNA that allows them to interpret frequencies.  Prior to the Shamaness'/Shaman's birth, someone in their community, village or tribe, usually the Mother or Grandmother, has a vision, in which, a Divine Spiritual Elder appears.  During this vision, the Spirit Elder announces the coming of the Baby Shamaness or Shaman.  Great detailed instruction is given to the Visionary to the care of the baby.   The Baby's name is also discussed, since the Frequency of the very Name has great importance.  

The Shamaness' or Shaman is then taught from birth the Life of a Shaman(ess).    Shamaness'/Shamans are born with the Remembrances of Past Lives.  They have complete openness to all of their Intuitive Senses.   Their frequencies are raised throughout numerous Spiritual initiations that exceed the Human's Imagination.    These frequencies, along with the DNA gene, connects them to their Shamanic selves and they continue to evolve throughout their first two decades.   Into their twenties, the born Shamaness/Shaman then venture out into the world to begin healings.    

All Shamaness'/Shamans are tested with a horrible disease/near-death experiences.  This becomes the Shamaness'/Shamans ultimate test to see if they understand how to create Balance from an Imbalance of Life.   This is a very long and painful journey.  It mostly lasts for years.   It is a necessary test for the Shamaness,  for it is understood that how can one truly understand the pain & suffering of others, if they cannot heal themselves.   One key understanding is that no one should help another in their healing unless the Shamaness/Shaman understands where the cause to the healing comes.   

If the Shamaness/Shaman emerges from this Initiation unscathed, they are presented with their true Spiritual Name and they are then able to search deep within the ancient knowledge of the DNA and understand the Ancient Secrets and their Healings.  They are also able to interpret the frequencies of others and the possible imbalances of the frequencies.   A true Shamanic healing comes from the Shamaness'/Shaman interpreting these imbalances and creating an opportunity to reverse frequencies into Balance for healing to occur. 

Overtime Shamaness'/Shamans created healing modalities like Soul Retrievals where a Shamaness journeys into the Spirit world and returns with the injured individuals soul parts.   From this knowledge and creation of healing techniques, Shamanic Practitioners were created.  They are gifted individuals that have a strong call to practice the healing techniques that came from the Shamaness'/Shamans.  

Shamanism isn't something to fear nor admire.  It is life.  It is about learning and creating into the Evolution of all Sentient Beings. 

More detail about Private healing sessions as well as available teachings and Ancient Shamanic Journey Drumming Circles with Shamaness can be found on this website.   

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