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    ~ White Lotus Seed Healing Center~    Dr. Kasmira A. McCann, DD, MSN, NP-BC


            The Story of the White Lotus Seed within You
                                                 written by Kasmira A. McCann

We are the White Lotus Seeds.  Yes, all of us; You, Me and all Sentient Beings.   We are the ‘Seeds of Evolution’ for all humans of the future.  We are the product of the seeds planted from all of our Ancestors.   We grow as time and frequencies converge. 

Here is the spiritual story of the ‘White Lotus Seed’; the Spiritual Story of Our Births:

Life is the vibrational effects of frequencies.   Life begins with the most nurturing and gentlest of frequencies, like the Lotus.   The Lotus vibrates to one of the lowest frequencies in our earth’s environment.  Truly, the Lotus has the tiniest of frequencies similar to where all of life begins.

We begin as a tiny frequency of life.  So tiny, that many of us go without being noticed.   As we grow, so too does our frequencies and our Spiritual self.  This process begins like the White Lotus Seed.

The Lotus seed can only grow in stagnant mucky waters.  Not unlike us trying to grow in the muck of society or imbalances of life.  

As the Lotus seed emerges, it can’t see beyond the muck to where it is going.  Yet, it continues to grow and transform; like those on a personal journey towards their pure spiritual selves.

The Lotus stem grows taller and taller, still without sunlight nor knowing of where it is going.   On its way, it drops another seed that falls into the mucky for a future generation, its decedents.

The Lotus is pushed and tossed around by its environment and all things around them.  Although, it makes its journey more challenging, it doesn’t give up hope.  It doesn’t stop moving upwards.   Such as we are moving as Sentient Beings.  Moving upwards, but trying not to loss hope.

Then after four months [one season] of struggle, the Lotus emerges from the stagnate mucky waters.  Only to be greeted by the warmth and splendor of the Sun’s Light.

We too are moving towards, one day, our Light.  Our Awakening.  Our Empowerment.  Our Spiritual Enlightenment. 

We Are the White Lotus Seed.   We may not know where we are going.  We may feel, at times, unsettled and pushed beyond our comfort.   Yet, if we hold strong to our pure Spiritual selves, which lays deep within all of us, We too will find the Light of Self.    Never losing hope.  Just growing as we were all meant to do.  

Here are a few simple suggestions to help us grow from our White Lotus Seed:

  • Seek out a Shamaness** that was ‘born’ in a lineage that has genetic DNA gene code and the ability to interpret frequencies of balance and imbalance.
  • Find a true Spiritual teacher to teach us natural behaviors. 
  • Begin to change harmful behaviors.
  • Practice Self-Compassion
  • Practice Compassion of others without giving too much of yourself away.
  • Meditation no less than 20 minutes a day.  And learning true meditation techniques.

You are your own creator.  You are the White Lotus Seed.  Many Blessings to you as you ascend towards your Light.  

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