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Dr. kasmira A. McCann, DD, NP-BC


We specialize in 'Integrative Earth Medicine with Spiritual Development Counseling'

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The White Lotus Seed Center

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The White Lotus Seed Healing/meditation center & apothecary




Located in Manchester, New Jersey

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​Ancient Healings at our Center come from

a Long Lineage of Healers

Bringing together a Personal Healing Mandala of Meditation, Nutrition, Blissful Sleep, Movement, Spiritual Development, Ancient Teachings, Herbology, Divine Shamanic Healings, Ancient Indigeous Drumming and Creative Natural Balances. 

...Relax, Breathe & Harmonize back into nature's Balance

            Private Appointments Scheduled:           

Monday through Thursday 10am to 6pm

Friday 10am to 4pm

Retreats, Classes & Workshops

Throughout the Four Seasons

Drumming Circles

Spiritual Ministries / Weddings / Celebrations

call for an Appointment: 732-323-9507