The White Lotus Seed Healing/meditation center & apothecary

Located in the Mystical Manchester, New Jersey



~The White Lotus Seed ~


center & Apothecary



We live in an Age of Great Human Awakenings.  We offer teachings from the Ancients to help each individual to create their own Spiritual Path.  Engaging in the evolution of One's Spirit as you travel deeper within oneself. 


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​Ancient Healings at our Center come from a 70,000 year lineage of Healers, Herbalist, Earth Nature Teachers, Nature's Storytellers & Shamans/Shamaness'

White Lotus Healing

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...Relax, Breathe & Harmonize back into nature's Balance

            Private Appointments Scheduled:           

Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm
Call for an Appointment: 732-323-9507

The White Lotus Seed At Serenity House Holistic Health

Shamanic Journey Drumming Circles are created with the Ancient Knowledge of the Ancestors & Elders.

Come learn the great spiritual connection of yourself and nature as you travel between the worlds...


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The White Lotus is Unique Healings created from a 70,000 lineage of Healers.  This knowledge is only shared amongst the Shamans & Shamaness of this Ancient Lineage.  The healings are created to empower each individual as you create your own White Lotus Mandala.  This knowledge you gain creates balance and in-depth understand of how Nature and you interconnect. Thus, bringing each person closer to their own unique state of Awakening.


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